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University of Wisconsin-Madison launching Diesel Emissions Reduction Consortium

3 November 2004

The Engine Research Center (ERC) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has launched a new, international Diesel Emissions Reduction Consortium (DERC) to assist diesel engine manufacturers and related industries to meet future diesel engine emissions regulations. The Consortium’s mission is to provide members with access to focused university research results and practices.

In the near term, the heavy-duty industry must meet 2010 mandates for oxides of nitrogen (NOx) levels of 0.2 g/bhp-hr and particulate matter (PM) levels of 0.01 g/bhp-hr. Similar mandates are in place or under development for the light duty automotive, and the locomotive and marine industries. The Consortium will provide a forum for sharing information and research findings to engine manufacturers and related industries via: focused Consortium-directed student research projects; periodic “live” forums and annual meetings; quarterly e-newsletter report of Consortium activities; secured internet site for progress/communications and exchange; access to meeting discussion summaries; access to literature reviews / advance ERC publications and contact with ERC faculty/students.

The Consortium seeks membership from all segments of the diesel engine manufacturing industry and related industries. As of 1 November 2004, fourteen companies have confirmed its interest in participation. Members are already providing discussions for 3 new Consortium-directed research projects.

Member contribution to the Consortium is $10,000.00 per year. For more information, please email the consortium coordinator at 2010DERC@erc.wisc.edu.

Source: University of Wisconsin-Madison