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Lubrizol’s Combifilter verified by California ARB

18 December 2004

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) has verified Lubrizol Engine Control Systems’ Unikat Combifilter diesel particulate filter system for model year 1996 to 2004 diesel engines used in off-road applications.

The Combifilter system employs an actively regenerated diesel particulate filter to achieve an 85% reduction in particulate matter emissions, thus qualifying as a “Level 3” emission control device. The filter can be operated using standard CARB or ultra low sulfur diesel fuel.

The Combifilter system includes (1) an uncatalyzed diesel particulate filter assembly with an integrated electric heater, which is installed on the vehicle, and (2) an off-board regeneration station. Regeneration—which is typically required on a daily basis—is performed by parking the vehicle and connecting the filter to the regeneration station, which provides the electric power and air for regeneration.

It is the first system ARB verified for use in mobile off-road engines. Other particulate filters that have been verified in California are applicable to highway vehicles (such as the filters by Johnson Matthey or Donaldson) or to stationary generator sets (CleanAir).

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