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AVL and Sensors enter marketing agreement for SEMTECH analyzers

7 January 2005

Sensors, Inc. and AVL List GmbH signed a Cooperative World Wide Marketing Agreement for the marketing and distribution of Sensors’ SEMTECH products. The agreement transfers exclusive distribution rights to SEMTECH-D, SEMTECH-G and SEMTECH ExFM to AVL List in all areas of the world, with the exception of North America, over a period of three years.

Sensors has developed the SEMTECH line of exhaust test equipment, which are capable of in-situ measurement of engine exhaust emissions with a degree of precision comparable to laboratory measurements. Measurements of emissions from vehicles in real life applications is becoming the focus of the US EPA, as well as emission regulators in other parts of the world.

The SEMTECH product line can gather vehicle information from on- and off-road vehicles, which can be used for such purposes as development of mobile emissions models; determining the effectiveness of aftertreatment devices; meeting in use compliance and NTE requirements; detecting driveability problems; testing vehicles beyond dynamometer capabilities; certification and compliance of vehicle fleets.

Source: AVL