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Johnson Matthey receives California verification for CCRT filter

16 February 2005

The California ARB has verified the Johnson Matthey CCRT™ particulate filter system for 1994 to 2004 model year on-road diesel engines operating on ultra low sulfur diesel fuel. The engines must be 4-stroke, turbocharged, and originally certified in California to the 0.1 g/bhp-hr particulate matter (PM) emission standard.

The CCRT™ particulate filter achieves an 85% or greater (Level 3) reduction in PM emissions. The CCRT™ particulate filter requires that an exhaust gas temperature of 210°C is reached over at least 40% of the duty cycle. Specific conditions of the CCRT™ filter approval may be found in the ARB’s Executive Order and attachment.

The CCRT filter—the abbreviation stands for Catalyzed CRT—includes an upstream NO2 catalyst and a catalyzed particulate filter. Thus, it combines the regeneration mechanisms found in the CRT filter (which includes an NO2 catalyst and uncatalyzed filter) and in catalyzed filters, allowing for regeneration at lower exhaust temperatures.

Last year, the CCRT filter was verified by the EPA.

Source: California ARB


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