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Lubrizol to supply DOCs for New York school buses

7 March 2005

The New York Power Authority (NYPA) has signed an agreement with Lubrizol Engine Control Systems to purchase and install 1,000 diesel oxidation catalysts (DOC) on New York school buses. The initiative is a part of the NYPA’s Clean School Bus Program.

Following the announcement of the Clean School Bus Program in December 2001, NYPA tested the emissions produced by school buses operated in New York City and evaluated various control technologies, to conclude that diesel oxidation catalysts are the most appropriate available technology for the greatest number of school buses. As a pilot program, NYPA installed 250 DOCs on buses operated in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens.

Lubrizol Engine Control Systems’ DOCs have been verified by the Environmental Protection Agency to reduce PM emissions on certain bus engine types by 40%, when used in conjunction with ultra low sulfur diesel fuel.

Installation of the DOCs will start next month. After completing installation of the first 1000 DOCs, NYPA will install emission reduction devices on an additional 500-1000 buses.

NYPA’s Clean School Bus Program is part of its voluntary $23 million initiative to offset emissions from power plants in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. In addition to retrofits, the $6 million Clean School Bus Program program has been providing ultra low sulfur diesel for 2,800 school buses in New York City, more than two-thirds of the school buses operating in New York City.

Source: New York Governor