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Urea-SCR retrofit demonstration project launched in New York City

6 May 2005

A NOx reduction demonstration project has been launched in New Yok City, which involves retrofitting waste collection vehicles with urea-SCR systems. The project has been possible through the “Urban NOx Reduction Partnership” initiated by Clean Air Communities (CAC), Waste Management (WM), Local Development Corporation of East New York (LDCENY), Combustion Components Associates (CCA), and ENSR International (ENSR). CAC—a non-profit organization promoting reduction of air pollution and energy efficiency strategies in New York City communities—is providing funding for the demonstration through a community grant to LDCENY.

Six vehicles operated by WM will be retrofitted with the ELIM-NOx SCR system supplied by CCA. Vehicles selected for the ELIM-NOx retrofits include two roll-off trucks in Brooklyn, and trash compactors and loaders at WM transfer stations in Greenpoint and at the Harlem River Yard in the Bronx.

Following the installation, emissions data will be collected from the vehicles and equipment over the coming year to monitor the performance of the technology under actual working conditions. From this data, ENSR will construct air quality models that quantify the potential benefits of using NOx control technology on a local and regional level.

The ELIM-NOx system utilizes a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) catalyst using aqueous urea solution as the NOx reductant. The system includes an electronic control unit, which determines the necessary amount of urea based on an engine map strategy. To develop the urea injection map, a “self-learn” monitoring device—which uses sensors to measure NOx, exhaust temperature, and other engine parameters—is temporarily mounted on the diesel truck as the vehicle operates in its normal driving conditions.

Source: Clean Air Communities (press release)