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European Commission publishes draft proposal for Euro 5

15 July 2005

The European Commission has published a preliminary draft proposal outlining the Euro 5 emission standards for light-duty diesel and gasoline vehicles. Before finalizing the Euro 5 proposal—which is expected by the end of 2005—the Commission is now inviting stakeholders to comment on the draft.

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According to the Commission’s draft, PM emissions from diesel cars would be reduced by 80% and NOx by 20%. The proposed PM standards would lead to the introduction of particulate filters for diesel cars. For gasoline (petrol) cars, the Commission proposes to cut emissions of NOx and HC by 25%. The proposal also calls for changes in vehicle weight categories, so SUVs and other heavier passenger cars would have to meet the same emission limits as smaller cars.

The Euro 5 limits could enter into force by mid-2008 at the earliest. The final proposal may be amended to reflect the feedback received in the consultation.

The limit values suggested in the draft proposal are consistent with the Commission Working Paper on “Fiscal Incentives for Motor Vehicles in Advance of Euro 5” published in January. The paper suggested that in setting tax incentives for the introduction of diesel vehicles with diesel particulate filters onto the market, that Member States should consider using an emission limit of 5 mg/km as the basis for incentives.

Source: European Commission