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Cleaire Horizon particulate filter verified by California ARB

13 December 2005

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) has verified the Cleaire Horizon™ Electric Particulate Filter for model years 1994 to 2005 diesel engines used in on-road applications. The filter system was verified as a Level 3 device, of 85% PM emission reduction efficiency. The filter can be used with standard CARB or ultra low sulfur diesel fuel.

The Horizon consists of an uncatalyzed silicon carbide wall-flow diesel particulate filter and an electric heating element installed on-board the vehicle. For regeneration, the vehicle must be parked and the filter is connected to an off-board regeneration unit—composed of an air pump and regeneration control panel—which supplies the air and electric power.

This is the second filter system with active off-board power regeneration, after the Combifilter, verified by the ARB.

Source: California ARB (executive order | engine families)