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Mercedes-Benz launching retrofit PM catalyst system for C- and E-Class models

8 December 2005

Mercedes-Benz announced the availability of a retrofit PM emission reduction system for C- and E-Class diesel models. The system is suitable for installation in vehicles with four-cylinder diesel engines produced since June 2003. The price including installation is €799.

Contrary to earlier announcements, the system does not include a diesel particulate filter (DPF), but utilizes a catalytic converter for the reduction of particulate emissions. The system combines two catalytic converters in a single housing: (1) an oxidation catalyst and (2) a PM emission reduction unit in which “soot particles are trapped and burned off at an exhaust temperature of over 250 degrees Celsius”. This description suggests that the second converter might be using an “open filter” type of substrate. PM emissions are reduced in the system by up to 40%, said Mercedes. A typical DPF can reduce PM emissions by over 90%.

The system is maintenance-free, and can be installed with no modifications to the electronic engine management system. The retrofit system replaces the standard oxidation catalytic converters of the CDI models (which are recycled through the Mercedes Recycling Management system (MeRSy)).

This retrofit system by Mercedes-Benz meets the current requirements of the German federal government’s tax incentive scheme for low-emission diesel passenger cars. The system is available from Mercedes-Benz sales and service outlets and dealerships throughout Europe with immediate effect.

Since the summer of 2005 all new Mercedes-Benz CDI passenger cars in Germany and selected other European countries have been equipped with a particulate filter as standard.

Source: DaimlerChrysler