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Engelhard commercializes SCR technology for Euro IV trucks

8 February 2006

Engelhard Corporation announced it has commercially launched selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology for Euro IV/V heavy-duty diesel trucks. Engelhard’s SCR catalysts are now in serial production on an undisclosed truck model by a “major European truck manufacturer”. The SCR catalyst is coated on a ceramic honeycomb.

The Euro IV NOx standard of 3.5 g/kWh, which requires about 30% reduction of NOx emissions from heavy-duty diesel engines, became effective in October 2005 for new type approvals, and will take effect for all models in 2006. The Euro V NOx standard of 2 g/kWh, to take effect from 2008-2009, is projected to require an additional 40% reduction in NOx emissions.

Engelhard originally pioneered SCR technology in the late 1960’s for stationary applications such as power-generating and industrial manufacturing facilities. The company continues to be a major supplier to the stationary-source market.

Source: Engelhard (press release)