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CRT/CCRT filter verified for ACERT engines

17 February 2006

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) has extended the verification of the Johnson Matthey CRT and CCRT particulate filter systems to include 2005 and 2006 model year Caterpillar ACERT diesel engines used in on-road applications. The verification also adds the 2005 model year Cummins ISM EGR engine to the list of approved applications.

The filters must be operated using ultra low sulfur diesel fuel. The applications must have a duty cycle with an average temperature profile greater than 200°C for 40% of the operating cycle.

The CRT and CCRT diesel particulate filters are passively regenerating filter system which achieve 85% reduction in PM emissions, thus verified as Level 3 devices. The filters were previously verified for a number of engines for use with ultra low sulfur diesel, as well as with biodiesel fuel.

Source: California ARB (executive order | engine families)


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