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ExoClean particulate filter passes durability evaluation in Mexico City

8 April 2006

Aaqius & Aaqius announced that its ExoClean™ active diesel particulate filter (DPF) system has successfully passed 12 month durability evaluation period in Mexico City.

The ExoClean™ active DPF system was installed on a transit bus of the Technical University of Monterrey for a year-long evaluation program. The selected urban transit bus was a medium duty 2003 model year Mercedes-Benz with the 6L OM-906-LA diesel engine (280 hp @ 2300 rpm). The bus has been operated with diesel fuel of 500 ppm sulfur.

The ExoClean™ DPF system incorporates an on-board dosing injection system that automatically adds the Eolys™ fuel additive (fuel-borne catalyst) into the diesel fuel tank in order to promote the combustion of diesel particulates collected in the filter. The filter system includes an oxidation catalyst upstream of an SiC particulate filter substrate. The regeneration of the filter, controlled by an electronic control unit, is triggered by exhaust port injection of fuel which is oxidized over the catalyst to increase the exhaust temperature. Technical description of the system was published in the SAE paper 2004-01-1937.

The filter system was launched in France in October 2003, where it is available as an option on selected models of Renault trucks. In May 2005, the ExoClean™ filter received the Swiss VERT certification in association with the Eolys™ fuel-borne catalyst from Rhodia.

Source: Aaqius & Aaqius