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Miratech CombiKat filter receives California verification

11 July 2006

Miratech Corporation announced that the CombiKat® CBS diesel particulate filter has received full California Air Resources Board (ARB) Level 3 Verification for stationary diesel engines used for prime power and emergency power generation, model year 1996-2006, certified at a PM emission level ≤ 0.2 g/bhp-hr. The unit has also received ARB’s Conditional Level 3 Verification for pumping applications, pending the completion of a 500 hour durability demonstration.

While Level 3 Verification requires at least 85% reduction in PM emissions, the CombiKat CBS actually achieved greater than 90% reduction in all tests. In addition, the unit achieved reduction of HC and CO, without any increase in nitrogen dioxide (NO2) or other oxides of nitrogen (NOx), said Miratech.

The filter regenerates passively, and requires a certain minimum exhaust gas temperature, which ranges from about 320°C to 440°C, depending on the engine-out PM emission level. The filter does not require ultra low sulfur fuel; it has been verified for use with diesel fuel of 500 ppm S.

The CombiKat CBS uses technology developed by long-time Miratech partner, Swiss-based HUG Engineering. The unit utilizes catalyzed silicon carbide (SiC) filters formed in square blocks, which can be stacked in differently sized housings to cover a wide range of engine sizes. The CombiKat also features side ports and access doors, to allow filter cleaning and other maintenance in situ, without need for disassembly.

Source: Miratech, California ARB (executive order | verification letter | engine families)