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HUG marine burner DPF system obtains Lloyd’s certification

16 August 2006

Swiss based HUG Engineering earned Lloyd’s Certification of its NautiClean (Marine DPF in North America) fuel burner regenerated diesel particulate filter system for ships. HUG has received Lloyd’s certification for two ships and is in the process of receiving certification for three more. Ship certification from Lloyd’s is on a case-by-case basis.

The Marine DPF system uses catalyzed, silicon carbide soot filters that are actively regenerated with a full flow, electronically controlled burner system that oxidizes the trapped particulate matter. The filters are regenerated by monitoring the engine backpressure and activating a diesel fuel duct burner to heat the exhaust, burn-off soot accumulation and, thus, return the backpressure to acceptable limits. Following regeneration, the soot leaves a small amount of ash on the filter surface that can be blown or washed-off during maintenance periods.

The HUG burner DPF system is also available for standby generator applications from 80 to 2,340 kW, and for railway locomotives. The Marine DPF uses the same silicon carbide filters and catalyst as the CombiKat filter that received Level 3 PM verification with the California Air Resources Board.

HUG Engineering designed products are available in North America from Miratech and Miratech SCR Corporation.

Source: Miratech