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AVL, MKS in FTIR agreement

31 October 2006

MKS Instruments has announce agreement with AVL Emission Test Systems GmbH to integrate MKS Multigas 2030HS High Speed FTIR analyzer into AVL’s SESAM-FTIR Exhaust Gas Measurement System.

The MKS 2030HS is a Fourier Transform InfraRed (FTIR) gas analyzer that can simultaneously monitor more than 20 traditional and non-traditional combustion gases. The 2030HS can speciate NOx and hydrocarbons, and can quantify such unregulated emissions as NH3 and isocyanic acid, which can be present in gases from SCR catalysts.

AVL’s SESAM-FTIR (System for Emission Sampling And Measurement) is a system for the development of engines with advanced exhaust gas aftertreatment systems. The SESAM-FTIR system can provide data for research requiring exhaust emission measurements in engine and chassis dynamometer tests, for online exhaust evaluation under transient engine operation, and for the development of catalytic converters, NOx storage catalysts and fuel cells.

Source: MKS