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TERC announces two clean diesel solicitations

7 November 2006

The Texas Environmental Research Consortium (TERC) announced two new clean diesel solicitations under its New Technology Research and Development (NTRD) Program. The purpose of NTRD is to identify, test and evaluate new emissions-reducing technologies with potential for commercialization in the state of Texas and to facilitate their certification or verification.

RFGA-07 Development of Technologies to Reduce Oxides of Nitrogen Emissions from Diesel Engines on Tug and Two Boats Operating in the Texas Waterways: It is anticipated that there will be one award at a maximum funding of $1,000,000. The focus of the RFGA is to develop technologies that can reduce marine NOx emissions in the Houston-Galveston area. Proposals are accepted by November 29, 2006.

RFGA-08 Development and Verification of Engine Overhaul Kits for NOx Reductions: It is anticipated that there will be 4 to 10 awards with a maximum funding available of $2,000,000. The focus of the RFGA is to develop and verify engine overhaul kits that result in minimum reductions of 25% from original year of manufacture levels or required levels at the time of overhaul. Proposals are accepted by December 4, 2006.

Source: TERC