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US EPA proposes OBD requirements for large trucks and buses

14 December 2006

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to implement onboard diagnostic systems (OBD) on 2010 and later heavy-duty engines used in highway vehicles over 14,000 pounds. It will be the first OBD regulation for large trucks and buses.

The new OBD proposal would require the emissions control systems of large highway diesel and gasoline trucks to be monitored for malfunctions via an OBD system, similar to those systems that have been required on passenger cars since the mid-1990s. The proposal also introduces revisions to the exsting OBD requirements for highway heavy-duty vehicles under 14,000 pounds. In addition, the EPA is seeking comment on possible future regulations that would require OBD systems on heavy-duty diesel engines used in nonroad equipment (e.g., construction, industrial, agricultural).

Specifically, the proposal calls for the following OBD measures:

Source: US EPA