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Pirelli and LiqTech in SiC filters cooperation

31 January 2007

Pirelli Ambiente, a company within the Pirelli & C. Group, and LiqTech A/S, a manufacturer of silicon carbide (SiC) filters, have signed a research agreement to develop improved SiC materials for diesel particulate filters.

The joint research project will start at the beginning of 2007. The results generated by the research will jointly belong to both companies with the exclusive right of exploitation for Pirelli Ambiente in EU, Russia and the former Soviet Republics, Brazil and China and for Liqtech in USA, Mexico, Canada, South Korea, India and Japan.

According to the agreement, LiqTech will also support Pirelli Ambiente in the development of the technology to produce, on a wider scale, SiC diesel particulate filters for the OEM market. The results of this development will be Pirelli Ambiente’s exclusive property and will be implemented in the plant to be build in Romania, from January 2007, for the production of particulate filters for the OEM market. The plant will be operative from the second half of 2008 and will produce over 1,300 tons of SiC filters.

Pirelli Ambiente is a Pirelli Group company providing solutions for the environment and for sustainable development.

LiqTech A/S, a Danish company specialized in SiC filters, has been supplying SiC filters for the retrofit market in America, Europe and Asia. LiqTech’s main field of expertise is manufacturing of honeycomb structures made of porous SiC.

Source: LiqTech