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California ARB verifies retrofit EGR-DPF system

14 April 2007

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) has conditionally verified a retrofit diesel emission control system composed of an exhasut gas recirculation (EGR) kit combined with a diesel particulate filter (DPF). The EGR kit is supplied by EGR Technologies LLC of Tumwater, WA, the DPF by CleanAIR Systems.

The verification covers stationary prime and emergency standby generator sets and pumps with a maximum rated power of 600 hp and emitting no more than 0.4 g/bhp-hr PM. The system reduces PM emissions by 85% (Level 3 device) and NOx by 50%. The verification is conditional upon completing additional durability testing.

The DPF is a cordierite wall-flow filter coated with a Pt-based catalyst. To sustain passive regeneration, the engine must operate at an exhaust temperature of at least 300°C at an engine load of 40% or more for at least 30% of the operating time.

Source: California ARB (Verification letter | Engine families) | EGR Technologies