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Denso and Bosch to build DPF plant in Poland

25 July 2007

Robert Bosch GmbH and Denso Corporation have established a fifty-fifty joint venture to develop and manufacture diesel particulate filters (DPF) in Wroclaw, Poland, based on the agreement announced in October 2006. All relevant authorities have given their approval for the plan, said the companies.

The new joint venture will be named “Advanced Diesel Particulate Filters Sp.zo.o.” (ADIF). The objective is to jointly manufacture diesel particulate filter substrates using cordierite ceramics. The production is expected to start in 2009. Each company will market the filters independently.

In the first stage, a branch office for the joint venture will be established in Kariya, Japan, to proceed with filter development and production preparation. The joint venture having an initial equity of €8 million will start the planning of an engineering and manufacturing location in Wroclaw, Poland, where Bosch already has a production plant for braking systems. The joint venture will be led by two directors, Masakazu Tanaka from Denso and Teruo Komori from Bosch.

Source: Bosch