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BASF supplying SCR catalysts for Beijing buses

6 November 2007

BASF Catalysts is supplying selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology for Beijing transit buses. About 450 of the specially equipped buses—the first in mainland China to meet Euro IV emission standards—will be on Beijing streets by the end of 2007, with an additional 600 buses scheduled for 2008. The SCR systems will reduce NOx emissions from the buses by more than 60%.

Beijing intends to phase out thousands of older diesel buses and replace most of them with Euro IV buses before the 2008 Olympic Games.

BASF’s SCR catalysts are currently being incorporated into 6.5 liter and 8.4 liter diesel engines made by Yuchai Machinery Corporation, the largest engine manufacturer in China. BASF worked closely with Yuchai to develop the most cost-effective SCR system to deliver the needed NOx reduction.

The SCR catalyst, comprised of a catalytically active component coated on a ceramic honeycomb, facilitates reduction of NOx by a urea/AdBlue reductant, which is added upstream of the catalyst. The urea injection system will be supplied by Grundfos.

BASF Catalysts (formerly Engelhard) originally pioneered SCR technology in the late 1960s for stationary-source applications such as power generating and industrial manufacturing facilities.

Source: BASF