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EU Parliament calls for second generation biofuels

12 September 2008

European Parliament’s Industry Committee has adopted a co-decision report in support of the European Commission proposed renewable energy directive—which introduced a 10% target for renewable fuels in road transport by 2020—but added targets for second generation biofuels and more strict sustainability criteria.

Members of Parliament (MEPs) requested that at least 40% of the 10% renewable fuel target by 2020 (i.e., 4% of all transport fuels) should be second generation biofuels, hydrogen, or electricity. Second generation biofuels—those that do not compete with food production—could be made from waste or algae, for example.

A number of other provisions were adopted, including:

The MEPs also introduced flexibility mechanisms into the draft directive making it possible for Member States to achieve their renewables targets jointly. Another new provision calls on the Commission to impose direct penalties on Member States which fall short of the mandatory interim and 2020 targets.

Achieving these transportation sector targets would contribute to the EU’s overall goal of ensuring that by 2020, renewables account for at least 20% of its total energy consumption (including the electricity and heating and cooling sectors).

A plenary Parliament vote on the renewable energy directive is scheduled for October.

Source: European Parliament