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California ARB proposes emission regulation for in-use diesel trucks

27 October 2008

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) published for public comment its latest draft version of two regulations to control emissions from the estimated one million heavy-duty diesel trucks that operate in California. The regulations will be considered for adoption at the ARB’s hearing on December 11.

The proposed regulations introduce the following requirements for truck owners:

The state of California is offering truck owners more than a billion dollars in funding opportunities to help with the cost of the proposed diesel rule. Funding options include Carl Moyer grants, which are designated for early or surplus compliance with diesel regulations; Proposition 1B funds, for air quality improvements related to goods movement; and AB 118, which establishes a low-cost truck loan program to help pay for early compliance with the truck rule.

To provide flexibility, the diesel regulation is structured so that owners can choose from among three compliance options to meet regulation requirements. There are exceptions to the regulation, including low-use vehicles, emergency and military tactical vehicles, and personal use motor homes. School buses would be subject only to requirements for reducing diesel particulate matter and not for engine replacement.

Source: California ARB