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New York proposes emission regulation for in-use state trucks

27 November 2008

The New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) proposed regulations that will require the use of “best available retrofit technology” (BART) and ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD) fuel on heavy duty diesel vehicles owned or operated by the state.

The regulation is applicable to heavy duty vehicles (HDV) with a gross vehicle weight greater than 8,500 lb, owned by, operated by, on behalf of, or leased by state agencies and state and regional public authorities. The definition of HDV covers both highway and off-road vehicles. However, several categories of off-road equipment are exempted from the regulation. Examples of exempted vehicles include earth movers such as loaders and backhoes, and farm tractors and equipment. Exempted from the regulation are also locomotives.

There are two compliance options with the BART requirement:

Waivers from the BART requirements may be issued by the DEC if a retrofit device is not available or not applicable for a specific engine.

The proposed regulation also requires that affected HDVs have their engine control modules software updated (reflashed) to reduce off-cycle NOx emissions.

Public comments on the proposal are accepted until December 4, 2008.

Source: NY DEC