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Euro VI emission standards proposal adopted by EU Parliament

17 December 2008

The European Parliament has adopted a proposal for Euro VI emission standards for heavy-duty highway engines which reflects the provisions of a compromise agreement with the European Council. To become final, the Euro VI package still has to be adopted by the Member States, which is expected to occur shortly.

Emission standards in the adopted proposal are identical to those in the earlier versions (NOx = 0.4 g/kWh, PM = 0.01 g/kWh), but the implementation dates have been advanced. Euro VI standards will become effective from 31 December 2012 for new type approvals, and from 31 December 2013 for all new vehicles.

The emission limits in the proposal are still based on ESC and ETC testing. Once correlation factors are developed—but no later than 1 April 2010—the limits will be replaced with limit values for the new world harmonized WHSC and WHTC cycles.

Also by 1 April 2010, a particle number standard is to be defined. The particle number limits are “likely to reflect the highest levels of performance currently obtained with particle filters according to the best available technology”?, says the proposal.

The proposal does not introduce a separate emission limit for the NO2 component of NOx. If appropriate, the European Commission may propose to establish such limit at a “later”, unspecified date.

The proposal does, however, note that retrofitting of heavy-duty vehicles with diesel particulate filters “could result in higher NO2 emissions”. The European Commission “should therefore draft a legislative proposal to harmonize national legislation on retrofitting and ensure that it incorporates environmental conditions”.

Source: European Commission (press release | adopted proposal)