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Dekati introduces DEED dilution system for particle number measurements

4 March 2009

Dekati Ltd., a manufacturer of advanced particulate matter (PM) measurement and sampling instruments, has launched a new dilution system for diesel particulate measurements. DEED, aka Dekati Engine Exhaust Diluter, meets the current recommendations set by the PMP group for Euro 5+ and Euro 6 light duty PN (particle number) measurement regulations.

The DEED operation principle is based on the use of two ejector pumps and an evaporation chamber between the dilution stages. An additional dilution stage is added before the ejector diluters to achieve nominal dilution ratios of 1:100 and 1:1000. The instrument features all stainless steel construction without moving parts, fixed dilution parameters, and well-proven ejector principle for simple and reliable operation. Optional accessories for the DEED include a possibility for AK protocol operation and tailpipe pre-DPF sampling option. The system is installed into a 19"rack mount cabinet.

Calibrations are performed for particle losses, particle concentration reduction factor and volatile particle removal efficiency according to PMP group recommendations. More information is available at www.dekati.com/cms/deed.

Source: Dekati