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New SCR systems on EPA Emerging Technology list

1 April 2009

Two new urea-SCR systems for retrofitting of heavy-duty highway diesel engines have been added to the US EPA Emerging Technology List: the BlueMax 200 system by Nett Technologies, and the TermiNOx D system by Engine Control Systems (ECS). The applicability of the previously listed Nett BlueMax system for nonroad engines was also extended to cover more engine families.

The Emerging Technology List currently includes the following SCR systems:

EPA “Emerging Technologies” are diesel emission control strategies that are still in the process of verification by EPA or the California Air Resources Board (ARB). The program can be considered a form of conditional verification, that quantifies the emission reductions and allows for commercial sales of the listed systems before the testing requirements of the verification program are fully satisfied.

The EPA Emerging Technology program will receive $20 million in Recovery Act grant funding.

Source: US EPA