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Woodward and Tenneco sign fuel burner licensing agreement

25 April 2009

Woodward Governor Company and Tenneco Inc. signed a licensing agreement for a fuel burner technology to be used in diesel aftertreatment systems. Under the agreement, Woodward will license its fuel burner technology—named T.R.U.E.-Clean™ (Thermal Regeneration Unit for Exhaust)— to Tenneco.

The T.R.U.E.-Clean is a thermal regeneration system for diesel particulate filters (DPF) targeted for on-road diesel truck and bus applications, as well as non-road diesel applications such as construction, material handling and other industrial equipment.

The T.R.U.E.-Clean system has been designed to automatically perform active DPF regeneration. It consists of thermal regeneration technologies that constantly monitor the DPF temperature and soot levels. When the system senses that the filter should be cleaned, the unit automatically initiates the regeneration process.

The system incorporates Woodward’s SmartFire™ combustion sensing technology that utilizes ionization sensor feedback for the control of flame stability.

Source: Tenneco