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Cambustion introduces upgraded DMS500 MkII particle measurement instrument

11 August 2009

Cambustion announced an upgraded version of the DMS500 Fast Particulate Spectrometer. The updated instrument, DMS500 MkII, is capable of a wider dilution ratio range which improves the instrument’s suitability for low concentration emissions measurements such as post-DPF. The dilution flexibility still allows the same instrument to sample pre-DPF.

The Cambustion DMS500 offers real-time gravimetrically correlated particle mass, PMP correlated particle number and full particle size spectra outputs. The instrument offers measurement of the particle size distribution from 5 nm to up to 2.5 µm. The upgraded DMS500 MkII features a built-in two stage dilution system, as well as improved sensitivity and a T10-90 time of 200 ms (10 Hz data rate).

For operational convenience, the DMS500 MkII uses Ethernet communications requiring no special adaptor card in the PC and allowing use of existing test cell wiring.

Source: Cambustion