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Corning DuraTrap AT filters selected by Ford of Europe

8 October 2009

Corning announced that Ford of Europe is equipping several models of its European market diesel passenger cars with the Corning DuraTrap® AT filter. Corning said it has already begun shipping the product to Ford of Europe.

The DuraTrap AT filter uses an aluminum titanate composition that delivers enhanced durability and high temperature properties compared to the conventional cordierite filters. This AT filter uses a monolithic, single unit structure.

Corning launched the AT filters in 2005 as a cost effective alternative to silicon carbide (SiC) filters that have been used in most diesel passenger car applications. The AT filters were first used on selected VW models, followed by Hyundai and Kia.

Corning AT filters will be also used by Navistar on its 2010 diesel engines. The Navistar engines will use in-cylinder methods to control NOx, as opposed to urea-SCR aftertreatment selected by other manufacturers. Due to the lower engine-out NOx levels, particulate filters in Navistar engines will depend to a larger degree on active regeneration and will benefit from a more robust filter material.

Source: Corning