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Miratech V-CAT listed on US EPA Emerging Technology List

18 December 2009

The Miratech V-CAT® DOC (diesel oxidation catalyst) Kit has been placed by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on the National Clean Diesel Campaign's Emerging Technology List for marine EMD engine emission reduction applications. The listing is the first step toward EPA verification of the emissions reduction system.

The V-CAT, launched last year, integrates a diesel oxidation catalyst modules directly into the exhaust manifold of EMD engines within the existing footprint. The innovative design has been developed to address several challenges that have hampered previous DOC installations on locomotive and marine EMD engines: limited space, low exhaust gas temperatures, and the need to keep exhaust backpressure low. The V-CAT removable, square catalyst elements utilize catalyst coated, metallic VORTEX™ substrates.

Miratech V-CAT integrates catalyst modules directly into EMD exhaust manifold

The V-CAT has been listed by EPA as an Emerging Technology for marine 2-stroke, Tier 0, Tier 1, and Tier 2 turbocharged and roots blown EMD 567, 645, and 710 engine models. The EPA has assigned V-CAT emissions reduction levels of 25% for PM, 70% for CO and 50% for HC emissions.

The Emerging Technology listing makes the V-CAT eligible for inclusion in requests for funding through the EPA Clean Diesel programs. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 assigned $20 million in Clean Diesel funds for competitive grants through the use of Emerging Technologies.

Source: Miratech