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Environment Canada considering Tier 4 standards from 2012

25 February 2011

Canadian emission requirements for nonroad engines are expected to become harmonized with US EPA Tier 4 regulations beginning from 2012, according to an Interim Order published by Environment Canada on December 18, 2010.

Canadian off-road engine regulations “will be amended to incorporate the new stricter U.S. standards, as well as the flexibility provisions”—said Environment Canada—“however, it is not expected that these amendments will come into force prior to 2012.”

The Interim Order was issued to amend Canadian regulations to allow sales of model year 2011 nonroad engines that bear the US EPA emission control label. The objective of the Order was to allow the import and sales of engines that are manufactured under the US EPA flexibility program and available for sale and import into the United States. Environment Canada was informed by the industry of its intent to import these engines and machines containing these engines into Canada in 2011. The Order does not mandate Tier 4i compliant engines in Canada.

The US Tier 4 regulation includes transitional period equipment manufacturer (TPEM) flexibilities that allow for sales of limited quantities of noncompliant engines (i.e., engines that meet Tier 3 rather than Tier 4 standards) until 2021.

Source: Environment Canada