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AVL partial flow dilution system meets US EPA Part 1065 requirements

3 March 2011

AVL announced that its Smart Sampler particulate matter (PM) partial flow sampling system meets the most recent US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Part 1065 emission measurement criteria, providing a compact solution for transient test cycle PM measurement from heavy-duty engines.

Under the EPA CFR 40 1065.140 measurement procedures, the AVL Smart Sampler is a compliant alternative method to the traditional full-flow constant volume sampler (CVS) for heavy-duty diesel engine certification over transient, steady-state and ramped modal (RMC) cycles. AVL has verified the equivalence of the Smart Sampler to CVS sampling through a statistical analysis of transient emission test results. The Smart Sampler can be also used for transient PM sampling under ISO 16183, as well as the UN ECE regulation No. 49 and Global Technical Regulation No. 4, according to AVL.

The AVL Smart Sampler mixes and dilutes a small sample of engine exhaust flow with air under controlled conditions with respect to dilution air temperature, minimum dilution ratio, filter temperature and residence time. The system features a short warm-up time of 15 minutes. Its modular design allows for adding of sampling options, such as particle number counting under ECE regulations.

The AVL Smart Sampler has an installed base of over 500 units.

Source: AVL