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HEI identifies potential health risks from new vehicle technologies

14 March 2011

The Special Committee on Emerging Technologies (SCET) of the Health Effects Institute (HEI) released a report—“The Future of Vehicle Fuels and Technologies: Anticipating Health Benefits and Challenges”—that identifies a number of potential unintended health consequences that could arise from new vehicle fuels and technologies and need investigation. Based on the findings of the report, HEI’s Research Committee has formulated an action plan to address the identified health issues.

The new SCET report reviews a host of new technologies and fuels, from improved internal combustion engines, to hybrid and other electric drive technologies, to existing and new bio- and other types of fuels. The report contains a number of detailed findings, chief among them:

In response to these findings, the HEI Research Committee has issued an Action Plan for investigations underway or soon to begin. These include:

SCET—co-chaired by Tina Vujovich (formerly of Cummins) and Alan Lloyd (President of the International Council on Clean Transportation and former Secretary of the California EPA)—includes leading national and international experts from government, industry, academia, and the non-profit sector. HEI intends to re-convene SCET in about 18 months to update its assessments and its advice to HEI about the status of the various fuels and technologies and emerging issues and concerns.

Source: HEI