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PurePower enters aftertreatment business, acquires Eaton technology

7 April 2011

PurePower Technologies LLC, a provider of diesel power system components, announced that it has entered the diesel aftertreatment business with a product portfolio ranging from diesel oxidation catalysts (DOC) and diesel particulate filters (DPF) through SCR systems for NOx reduction. The company—once a part of Continental Diesel Systems—was acquired in 2009 by Navistar to manufacture key fuel injection components for its MaxxForce® diesel engines.

In addition to its own aftertreatment products, PurePower has acquired the aftertreatment technology of Eaton Corporation and a Santa Clara, CA, development lab and testing facility. The terms were not disclosed.

The PurePower aftertreatment products include:

The PurePower aftertreatment technology targets global OEM applications for diesel engines between 3 and 16 liters that need to comply with US EPA 2010 and European emission standards for highway vehicles, as well as with US EPA Tier 4 final standards for nonroad equipment.

Based in Columbia, SC, PurePower Technologies operates a research and development center there, a manufacturing plant in nearby Blythewood, SC, and metalcasting foundries in Waukesha, WI, and Indianapolis, IN. With the Eaton aftertreatment technology deal, PurePower now also operates a research and development facility in Santa Clara, CA.

Source: PurePower Technologies