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Testo introducing new testo 350 emission analyzer

26 April 2011

Testo announced the all new testo 350 portable emission analyzer for measuring NO, NO2, SO2, CO and O2. Improvements in the new version of the analyzer include an HD color graphic display, new sensor design, and a new housing, bump protection and industrial connectors for improved ruggedness in the field.

Additional features include electrochemical and infrared sensing technologies for long-term measurement stability, quick-change sensor filters that increase sensor life, and easy-access panels for quick servicing in the field. The new 350 is controlled by Testo’s easyEmission software that, among other functionality, allows for data import and export in a variety of formats, including PDF and Microsoft Excel.

Options for the new testo 350 include Bluetooth remote operation of the control unit, a fresh air valve for long-term measurement, including measuring range extension with dilution factor five for all sensors, and automatic zeroing of the pressure sensor for continuous flow velocity/differential pressure measurement.

Testo handheld test and measurement instruments are used worldwide for combustion, temperature, humidity, pressure, velocity, thermal imaging and visual inspection. Testo 350-Maritime is the first portable emission analyzer approved for NOx measurements under the IMO MARPOL Annex VI and the NOx Technical Code.

Source: Testo