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MTU unveils Tier 4 final technology for nonroad engines

28 July 2011

MTU has announced the emission technology choices for their agricultural engines designed to meet EU Stage IV and US EPA Tier 4 final emission regulations that became effective in 2014. The newly-developed Series 1000, 1100, 1300 and 1500 engines—which cover the sub-560 kW power range—meet the upcoming emission limits using SCR exhaust aftertreatment technology only, with no diesel particulate filters (DPF). From 2014, Series 1600 agricultural engines—using neither SCR nor diesel particulate filters—will extend the range to 730 kW. The new engines will be showcased at the Agritechnica agricultural machinery exhibition in Hanover, Germany from 15 to 19 November 2011.

“We are proud that, in the future, we will continue to be able to offer all our customers engines without diesel particulate filters for all agricultural applications. They are cleaner than ever before and they use even less fuel than the current engines,” said Peter Kneipp, Tognum Executive Board member.

From 2014, MTU will be introducing its new Series 1000, 1100, 1300 and 1500 engines with outputs ranging from 100 to 460 kW. These units have been specially developed for nonroad applications in the construction, industrial and agricultural sectors and are based on Daimler technology. They will utilize SCR aftertreatment to achieve compliance with the EU Stage IV and EPA Tier 4 final limits for NOx and PM emissions. However, the units do not need diesel particulate filters and therefore offer significant benefits in terms of installation space and weight. Compared with units designed for EU Stage IIIB or EPA Tier 4 interim, the Tier 4 final engines will achieve up to 5% reduction in fuel consumption, an increase in service life of up to 20%, and higher torque at lower engine speeds, according to MTU.

MTU Engines for Applications in Agriculture and Forestry
Power rangeEU Stage IIIA /
EPA Tier 3
EU Stage IIIB /
EPA Tier 4 interim
EU Stage IV /
EPA Tier 4 final
135 - 350 bhp
100 - 260 kW 
4L, 6L Series 900
(up to 240 kW)
4L, 6L Series 900
SCR (up to 240 kW)
4L, 6L Series 1000
375 - 430 bhp
280 - 320 kW
6L Series 400
6V Series 500
6L Series 400
6V Series 500
6L Series 1100
455 - 510 bhp
340 - 380 kW
6L Series 400
(up to 375 kW)
6L Series 400
SCR (up to 375 kW)
6L Series 1300
535 - 620 bhp
400 - 460 kW
8V Series 500
(up to 480 kW)
8V Series 500
SCR (up to 480 kW)
6L Series 1500
750 - 980 bhp
560 - 730 kW
  10V, 12V Series 1600

From 2014, the program will be extended to 730 kW with the introduction of Series 1600 engines. These nonroad units can be used in forage harvesters and other agricultural vehicles and machines with high power requirements. They meet EPA Tier 4 final specifications using in-cylinder technologies involving exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and diesel oxidation catalysts (DOC).

While the Tier 4 standards will be met without the use of particulate filters by MTU as well as some other manufacturers, these technology choices run contrary to the intentions of the US EPA, who designed the Tier 4 standards to force DPFs on nonroad engines.

Source: MTU