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Shell developing LNG for transport

9 September 2011

Shell plans to have liquefied natural gas (LNG) available for heavy-duty fleet customers beginning in 2012 at select Shell Flying J truck stops in Alberta, Canada. Shell also signed agreements with a number of partners to supply LNG for marine engines along the US Gulf Coast and to support the use of LNG fuels in rail transport and in mining.

Shell said it is pursuing engineering and regulatory permits to produce LNG by 2013 at its Jumping Pound gas processing facility in Alberta, Canada. It will be the first investment of its kind for Shell globally and will include production facilities and downstream infrastructure. Until then, LNG will be supplied to the Shell Flying J truck stops from third-party supply agreements.

With the abundance and low cost of natural gas, Shell is also actively developing new business opportunities with OEMs to substitute LNG for diesel and propane in a number of industrial sectors such as marine, on-road trucking, rail, mining and oil and gas drilling applications. Some of these include:

Source: Shell | Wärtsilä