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NC2 announces new Cat ACERT C15 engine in Australia

18 October 2011

NC2 announced that is has developed an ADR 80/03 compliant version of the Cat ACERT 15L engine for Cat Trucks Australia, and will continue to offer the Cat C15 engine with no hardware changes. The ADR 80/03 regulation requires Euro V equivalent emissions.

The current Cat ACERT C15 engine will be re-launched into the Australian market with recalibrated engine software, with the addition of a crankcase breather and with a dual diesel particulate filter (DPF) with passive regeneration technology. The engine will not require the use of EGR or SCR technology for NOx control.

“Ongoing in-country testing has demonstrated that passive regeneration is extremely effective at all loads and speeds, negating the need for a complex active regeneration system,” said NC2. The package will also include a Cat DPF monitoring system to continuously monitor backpressure and exhaust temperatures. In the North American market, US 2007 compliant Cat ACERT engines utilized an active DPF system with fuel burner regeneration.

The Cat C15 ADR 80/03 engine will deliver up to 550 hp and 1850 lb-ft of torque.

Caterpillar decided to exit the highway truck engine market in the United States and Canada and has not supplied US 2010 emission compliant engines, but it formed an alliance with Navistar to pursue global truck business opportunities. This led to the creation of a 50/50 joint venture called NC2, focused on the development of highway trucks for markets outside of North America, including Australia, South Africa and Brazil.

Last month, Caterpillar announced that NC2 will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Navistar, while the cooperation between the two companies will continue under a new brand licensing agreement. “Both International and Caterpillar branded trucks will continue to be distributed through both International and Caterpillar dealers outside of the United States,” said Caterpillar.

Source: Truckworld.com | Caterpillar