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EU proposes particle number limits for GDI vehicles

28 October 2011

The European Commission issued a proposal for a particle number (PN) limit for Euro 6 vehicles equipped with gasoline direct injection (GDI) engines. The proposal was presented at a meeting of the Commission’s Motor Vehicle Emissions Group (MVEG) held on October 25, 2011.

The PN limit for GDI vehicles would be phased-in in two steps:

This was a second, revised proposal from the Commission. The first proposal, dated October 13, called for a more stringent PN limit (4×1012 km-1) in the transitional period and for a two year (rather than three) delay for the final, diesel-equivalent limit.

GDI vehicles are known to produce high levels of PN emissions. To meet the proposed PN limits, GDI engines may have to be fitted with gasoline particulate filters (GPF).

Source: MVEG