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Scania introduces new heavy-duty engine platform

27 October 2011

Scania announced a new engine platform for heavy-duty trucks that will be used from 2012. The new engines—including inline and V8 models—will be used globally for all emission standards. European markets will also have access to an extended range of Euro V and EEV engines with urea-SCR technology. The new engines can operate on up to 100% biodiesel.

The new engine platform includes Euro III, Euro IV, Euro V, EEV and Euro VI models:

The new engines are based on the latest engine platform introduced in 2007, with a number of refinements. Revisions include improvements on the intake and exhaust manifolds, EGR system, turbochargers, pistons and cylinder liners. The liners are now plasma coated instead of honed for lower friction and extended service life.

Scania’s SCR (selective catalytic reduction) aftertreatment systems have also developed in several steps since the introduction in 2006. The injectors for the urea solution have been upgraded to prevent the clogging sometimes experienced in early models.

Electronically controlled unit injectors are used for fuel supply on Euro III and SCR engines (Euro IV, Euro V, EEV), in combination with the conventional turbocharger. The exhaust brake has been revamped with more precise control and better low-speed performance. The Euro V EGR and Euro VI engines feature common-rail fuel injection and a variable geometry turbocharger.

The changeover to the new engines is taking place at Scania’s production units in South America during the second half of 2011. The new Euro III and Euro IV engines as well as the additional Euro V and EEV SCR engines will be introduced in European production during 2012.

Source: Scania