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Mazda commences production of Mazda CX-5 with SKYACTIV-D diesel engine

25 January 2012

Mazda Motor Corporation commenced production of their new CX-5 model with the new generation SKYACTIV-D 2.2 liter diesel engine. The vehicle—unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show in December—is produced at the Mazda Ujina Plant near the company’s headquarters in Hiroshima.

The SKYACTIV-D 2.2 is the world’s first diesel engine to comply with global exhaust gas regulations, including Japan’s “Post New Long-Term Regulations” (2009) and Europe’s Euro 6, without NOx aftertreatment, such as urea-SCR or a NOx adsorber catalyst.

Advanced fuel injection control and a novel variable valve actuation system introduced in the SKYACTIV-D diesel engine helped resolve longstanding issues encountered in low compression ratio engines, such as poor start capability and lower combustion stability when the engine is cold. With these improvements, the SKYACTIV-D engine could achieve the world's lowest compression ratio of 14.0:1 for a diesel engine for mass production vehicles.

The CX-5 is the first model of the company’s new-generation products that adopts SKYACTIV technology throughout the vehicle—in the powertrain, body and chassis. Mazda will start introducing the Mazda CX-5 this spring in Japan and Europe, followed by other markets around the world.

Source: Mazda