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Perkins announces new engines for power generation

13 February 2012

Perkins introduced new diesel engines for the electric power market at Middle East Electricity 2012: a brand new 1600 Series engine range and a new range of its 400 Series engines.

The 1600 Series ElectropaK family—designed to fill the gap between current 1300 and 2000 Series ranges—comprises a range of full authority electronic control, turbocharged, air-to-air charge-cooled engines for prime and standby power generation.

The six cylinder, 9.3 liter range offers outputs up to 300 kVA (240 kWe) prime power and 330 kVA (264 kWe) standby power at 1500 rpm. Perkins also intends to release a 350 kVA (280 kWe) standby version later this year.

The benefits of the 1600 Series range include higher power density and load acceptance, which means that the 1600 Series can achieve outputs normally associated with bigger displacement engines, while offering a space saving opportunity, said Perkins.

The new 400 Series models—designated as 400A range—have also been designed to offer higher power density and the same performance in a smaller package size. There are four new engines in total: The 403A-11G1 offers 9.2 kVA prime power at 1500 rpm, the 403-15G1 is rated at 13.2 kVA prime power, while the larger displacement 404A-22G1 completes the line up with 20.3 kVA prime power.

The new 400A range will be manufactured in three locations—Peterborough, UK; Wuxi, China; and Griffin, North America.

Source: Perkins (1600 Series | 400 Series)