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Cleaire to offer heavy-duty emission testing services

6 September 2012

Cleaire Advanced Emission Controls® announced the opening of their heavy-duty chassis dynamometer emissions laboratory for outside contract services. Cleaire Advanced Technology Testing Services, CATTS, is located in Richmond, California on the campus of the Chevron Technology Center. As one of only a handful of CFR-compliant heavy-duty chassis dynamometers, the laboratory is capable of testing a variety of medium and heavy-duty power train technologies including diesel emission control systems, hybrid power trains, and alternative fuels.

Cleaire has used the lab since 2002 to support internal product development and verification work for its diesel particulate filters.

The chassis dynamometer consists of a Froude-Consine transient motoring dynamometer capable of full road-load and wind simulation, with power absorption to 575 hp. The lab is capable of accommodating transient driving schedules like the Urban Dynamometer Driving Schedule (UDDS), New York City Bus (NYCB), as well as steady state tests. CATTS is equipped with a full scale insulated dilution tunnel for both continuous and bag measurements of NO, NO2, CO2, CO, and THC, as well as the ability to integrate other gaseous pollutant measurements. A secondary dilution system allows for measurement of PM mass over a test cycle, and a coriolis mass flow sensor provides fuel consumption and fuel economy. The facility is capable of handling vehicles ranging from pickup trucks to Class 8 trucks, buses, and other heavy duty vehicles, single or tandem axle drive with inertia simulation from 6,000 to 85,000 lbs.

In additional to chassis dynamometer testing, Cleaire is also able to offer services in the areas of field testing, data acquisition, and a range of hot and cold flow bench test capabilities to evaluate catalysts and filter technologies.

Source: Cleare