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Tognum to introduce Tier 3 MTU locomotive engines for North America

14 September 2012

Tognum will introduce new MTU Series 4000 R54 locomotive engines, meeting the US EPA Tier 3 locomotive emission standards, to North America. The 12- and 16-cylinder engines are rated at 2,414 hp (1,800 kW) and 3,218 hp (2,400 kW) respectively. Typical applications include switcher locomotives, road switcher locomotives and high speed trains. The engines will be available in 2013 and can be sold through 2014, as Tier 4 emissions are required from 2015.

In their announcement, Tognum said these will be the first engines for single-engine locomotives with traction power in the range of 2000 to 3000 hp capable of meeting and California Air Resources Board’s (ARB) “Ultra Low Emission Locomotive” (ULEL) emission standards. The ULEL is an old ARB designation that required a locomotive to achieve a NOx output of 4 g/bhp-hr, 28% below the Tier 2 standards.

Similar to other Tier 3 locomotives, the new MTU engines will meet the emission standards without exhaust gas aftertreatment. Cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) is used to reduce NOx. Intake valve control based on the Miller cycle is also used to lower NOx levels and to reduce fuel consumption. MTU’s third generation, 2,200 bar common rail injection system ensures low particulate emissions. A two-stage turbocharging system will be used to ensure low soot combustion at all operating conditions, including extreme temperature conditions, high elevation or high exhaust gas back pressure operation. The two-stage turbocharging also allows throttle-response times comparable to traditional single-engine switcher and road switcher locomotives.

Source: Tognum