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Dow to exit particulate filter business

26 October 2012

Dow Automotive Systems is planning to close its diesel particulate filter (DPF) manufacturing facility in Midland, MI, according to a report by MLive.com. Dow would close the plant and exit the particulate filter business due to “slow adoption of the technology” in the market.

The Dow particulate filter substrates, marketed under a trade name “Aerify”, are wall-flow monoliths utilizing a mullite formulation. Prototype Dow filters were installed on the Audi R10 TDI race car which won, as the first diesel ever, the 2006 Le Mans endurance race. Limited production at the Midland plant started last year. In October 2011, Dow announced the first commercial shipment of filters for the retrofit market, but the company was apparently unable to secure orders from OE customers.

The closure of the DPF facility is a part of a wider restructuring plan. Dow Chemical will shut down about 20 plants worldwide and will lay-off 2,400 workers. Dow third quarter earnings were 42 cents per share, down 39% from the same period last year.

Source: MLive.com