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MECA releases diesel retrofit sales figures for 2012

18 March 2013

The Manufacturers of Emission Controls Association (MECA) released the results of its survey of the number of diesel retrofit devices sold by MECA member companies in 2012. The total number of verified (by US EPA and/or California ARB) diesel retrofit devices sold in the United States was 16,262. Of this total, 68% (11,000) were diesel particulate filters (DPFs) and 28% (4,501) were diesel oxidation catalysts (DOCs). This total also includes 506 closed crankcase filters. Sector-wise, 13,740 diesel retrofit devices were sold for on-road diesel engines and 2,522 for off-road diesel engines.

The above total includes 7,825 diesel retrofit devices sold in California, of which 90% (7,034) were DPFs.

According to previous surveys, MECA member companies sold 29,180 diesel retrofit devices in 2009, 24,640 in 2010, and 20,177 in 2011. The decline in retrofit sales since 2009 can be attributed to the significant drop in the number of DOCs (11,906 in 2009, 9,926 in 2010, 4,663 in 2011, and 4,501 in 2012), as well as the noticeable drop in sales of closed crankcase filters (6,548 in 2009, 2,580 in 2010, 3,127 in 2011, and 506 in 2012). On the other hand, sales of DPFs have increased since 2009 (outside of California: 3,329 in 2009, 4,428 in 2010, 4,777 in 2011, and 3,966 in 2012; in California: 4,962 in 2009, 5,745 in 2010, 6,729 in 2011, and 7,034 in 2012).

MECA believes that the decline in overall retrofit sales since 2009—especially for DOCs—is due to the decrease in federal Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA) funding for clean diesel projects, as well as the recent trend of funding being spent more on projects that use engine repowers and/or vehicle replacements rather than retrofit devices.

In California, sales of DPFs for in-use on-road heavy-duty diesel vehicles still continue at a slow pace (7,034 in 2012), noted MECA. Under the regulation, ARB projected that approximately 12,000 filters would be installed in 2012 and approximately 66,000 filters overall from 2011 through 2015. Also, ARB’s in-use off-road diesel vehicle regulation was expected to generate additional demand for DPFs, but amendments to the regulation in December 2010 continue to depress the retrofit market opportunity for off-road diesel engines in the state.

Looking to the future, MECA named a number of regulatory initiatives that have the potential to revitalize diesel retrofit sales, including:

Source: MECA