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Scania unveils new heavy-duty trucks, Euro VI engines

25 March 2013

Scania unveiled a new Streamline series of trucks and a number of new Euro VI engine models. “Second generation” 450 and 490 hp Euro VI engines provide fuel savings of up to 2% relative to the earlier Euro VI models. With the new engines, potential fuel savings in the Scania Streamline G- and R-series long-haulage trucks are up to 8%. The new Euro VI engines also include a new 410 hp, 6 cylinder SCR-only model, without exhaust gas recirculation.

Scania’s new V8, 16.4 liter Euro VI engines include a 520 hp/2,700 Nm and a 580 hp/2,950 Nm models. A 730 hp model will be released later. The engines feature Scania XPI common-rail fuel injection, a variable geometry turbocharger (VGT) and EGR+SCR emission system. Fuel consumption of a Euro VI V8 engine at high engine load is equivalent to Euro V.

Three new Euro VI models were added in 6-cylinder, 12.7 liter engines: 410 hp/2,150 Nm, 450 hp/2,350 Nm and 490 hp/2,550 Nm. A 370 hp rating will be released later. The 450 and 490 hp engines are based on the earlier 440 and 480 hp units. The 450 and 490 hp engines have a revised intake system that maintains sufficiently high exhaust temperatures without the need for an intake throttle. A new disengaging air compressor is being introduced across the Euro VI engine range. The compressor has a pneumatically-controlled coupling that disengages when the compressor is idling, contributing to a fuel saving of up to 1%.

The 410 hp engine has been developed to meet Euro VI NOx emissions using only SCR technology. A fixed geometry turbocharger and an electric intake throttle are used. Without EGR piping, there is a weight saving of 40 kg compared to an engine with EGR and SCR, some of which is likely to be used to carry more AdBlue on-board. The exhaust aftertreatment system remains unchanged, with the same compact silencer unit as for other 5- and 6-cylinder Euro VI engines. The engine is around 3% more economical than the 400 hp Euro V EGR engine.

Scania range of 5-cylinder engines—unveiled at the IAA show in 2012—includes two EGR+SCR models (250 and 280 hp) and two SCR only models (320 and 360 hp), as well as two gas engine models (280 and 340 hp). A 280 hp ethanol model will be released at a later time.

AdBlue consumption of Euro 6 engines with only SCR is limited to around 6% of diesel consumption. The corresponding figure for an engine with EGR and SCR is around 3% or somewhat higher at very high load, high altitude or in cold weather.

All Scania Euro VI engines use a full flow particulate filter (DPF) for PM control. An electrical intake throttle is used for temperature management on 250, 280, 320, 360 and 410 hp engines, while there is no throttle on the new 450 and 490 hp 13 liter engines and the 520 and 580 hp V8 engines. Only two of the Euro VI models—the 9-liter engines with EGR+SCR—utilize exhaust injection of fuel for extra temperature management during active DPF regeneration.

The aftertreatment system is contained in a silencer unit that is modularized and the same size for all inline engines. It includes an upstream NOx sensor, a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), a DPF, AdBlue mixer, two parallel SCR catalysts with ammonium slip catalysts (ASC), and a downstream NOx sensor. The V8 unit is 270 mm longer, containing two parallel DPFs and three parallel SCR+ASC circuits.

A significant source of fuel economy improvement in the new Streamline trucks are predictive powertrain control technologies. Scania Opticruise, Scania Active Prediction and a new Economy mode can provide combined fuel savings of up to 4-5%. Further savings are obtained from aerodynamic refinements and low-drag gearboxes.

Source: Scania