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Corning expanding diesel emission products plant in Erwin

6 May 2013

Corning Incorporated announced that its board of directors has approved a capital expenditure plan of $250 million to increase manufacturing capacity of the company’s diesel emissions control products. The majority of the investment will increase capacity at the Erwin diesel facility near Corning, which manufactures large ceramic substrates and filters for heavy-duty diesel engines.

“Important heavy-duty regulations in China and Europe, as well as for non-road vehicles, take effect over the next two years which could double demand for our products by 2017,” said Mark Beck, executive vice president, Corning Environmental Technologies & Life Sciences Business Group.

Corning’s diesel plant in Erwin began manufacturing large substrates in 2004 and now also produces particulate filters for heavy-duty applications. The expansion is expected to be operational in 2015.

Corning’s expansion plan also includes an investment in new heavy-duty finishing operations at Corning’s substrate facility in Shanghai, China. Adding these capabilities marks Corning’s first heavy-duty diesel capacity investment in Asia.

The company has secured land in Shanghai for future expansion in China as the global heavy-duty diesel market grows. Environmental regulations in emerging markets such as India and China are expected to drive additional capacity needs—said Corning—that would require constructing a new facility in this location to meet future demand.

Source: Corning