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ESW CleanTech acquires Cleaire

6 May 2013

ESW CleanTech Incorporated has acquired the assets and product line of Cleaire Advanced Emissions Controls. Cleaire, a major supplier of verified on-road and off-road diesel emissions control strategies used in California diesel retrofit programs, ceased operations on January 18, 2013.

ESW CleanTech Inc. is a new, wholly owned subsidiary of Environmental Solutions Worldwide (ESW) that has been formed to house the acquired assets. ESW CleanTech will operate out of San Diego, California.

ESW had entered into an asset purchase agreement with the acting receiver for Cleaire. On April 18, 2013—under a sale order issued by a court—ESW acquired the assets of Cleaire and assumed certain limited liabilities. The purchase price was $1.4 million plus a portion of gross profit realized on a certain purchase order.

ESW CleanTech is committed to providing technical and warranty support to Cleaire customers for their Cleaire products, said the California ARB who has been working with owners, installers, and distributors of Cleaire products to provide continued support for their systems.

ESW CleanTech will also remove all remaining original metal cores from the recalled LongMile systems. ESW CleanTech has established a Cleaire Product Support line which can be reached at 1-800-398-6105.

Source: California ARB | ESW